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New Report! Climate Change Education: Acting for Change

image by Sabrina Scott

I am pleased to announce the release of my first co-authored research report! It is called Climate Change Education: Acting for Change, and we intentionally set it forth into the world during the current climate talks in Paris. I also had the pleasure of illustrating and designing the report. It is a joint project of York University, Lakehead University, and the TD Friends of Environment Foundation. The report is co-authored by Steve Alsop, David Greenwood, Philip Vaughter, and myself.

Project convener (and one of my favourite people in the entire world) Steve Alsop writes:

The report emerged from a series of meetings with ย teachers and researchers ยญ- all recognized as jurisdictional leaders in Climate Change Education. The teachers are all from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, Canada.

We release this report during the Global Leaders Conference of the Parties on Climate Change in Paris, France.ย  It has three goals, to: (i) recognize the profound importance of education as a response to climate change; (ii) share innovative school-based approaches to Climate Change Education, and (iii) make a series of recommendations for future policies and practices. It contains nine teaching practices and nine recommendations.

The report is a distinctively local contribution to the International Climate Change negotiations. We hope it inspires many other responses. It is designed for administrators, teachers and students. School-based Climate Change Education is so important and it deserves so much more of our attention and support.ย  We celebrate the multiplicity of ways that students, teachers, ENGOS, schools and school boards are responding to contemporary global changes.

You can download the 12-page report from the York University website:

Feel free to share and distribute the report link to anyone who may be interested!

Just for fun, here’s my illustration for the back cover of the report. This is my favourite kind of project (lots of nature and plants)!

image by Sabrina Scott

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