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Thank You For a great Toronto Queer Zine Fair & Canzine 2015!


My sincerest and most humble gratitude to everyone at the Toronto Queer Zine Fair today. I never thought I would find my people, but when I table here I know I did. I have never felt anything like it. Thank you to all of the volunteers I never got to meet, but whose efforts no doubt shaped my experience. Thank you to organizers Eddie, Geoff, and Yasmeeen. Thank you so much to whoever found and brought me an Advil – I have no idea where it came from, but because of that Advil I could stay for the rest of the fair. Thank you to Terah Li, Kieran Meyn, and Brad Casey who were my moral support and strength throughout the day. You are angels, all of you! Thank you to everyone who came out, who showed me your good vibes and smiles and belief in what I do.

Thank you to my wonderful assistant, who tabled for me at Canzine – his first zine/comics/art fair ever – all by his lonesome because the fairs were scheduled at exactly the same time and I could not be in two places at once. If that’s not love, I’m not quite sure what is.


Thank you to everyone who has purchased Witchbody so far. It is such a vulnerable work for me and so it has been a blessing to have the response be so positive. It has only been out for a week and already I am 37% sold out. I had 300 copies in the first (and only, so far) print run, and within one week there are only 189 copies left. Thank you! I feel blessed.

And: a final thank you to everyone whose work inspires me so much, who I am happy to be in community with – however near or far – and creating alongside, even if we all do it by ourselves at home with our cats. It is so nice to come out of hiding and see what everyone has been working on, take it home, and cuddle up to read it.


Photos from top to bottom: Toronto Queer Zine fair, by Sabrina Scott; Canzine by Adrien Benson; TQZF haul of sweet goodies by Sabrina Scott

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