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WITCHBODY Comic Book Launch Party! October 13

Witchbody books!!! by Sabrina Scott

My book launch is in a few days!

It’s surreal to finally expose something that has been so intimate and personal, to count down the minutes and days until I have to show something I have poured every drop of blood and sweat I have had to spare, and some sweat and blood I couldn’t stand to spare but did anyway. The whole process is kind of scary. To go into hiding for three years, take some classes, finish a degree, make a book. Start another degree. And then come out of hiding, if only for a moment.

Academia these past three years has been a strangely private journey, where I have in some ways forgotten how to share. There is such a premium placed on the performance of perfection and stoicism and a particular type of intellectualism in those spaces but what I really value is the emergence of experimentation and vulnerability and trying things and fucking up and having everyone revel in the process. In being okay with becoming, rather than pretending we already know all the answers.

I am learning and re-learning how to express through my fingers and skin and also my words in this new jumble of languages I have learned; a cultivated multilingualism new-to-me. Walking the tightrope between so many disciplinary extremes I hope I can straddle these worlds rather than walk between them. I have learned how to feel at home in so many different spaces, to talk with activists and academics and artists and illustrators and designers and occultists. I have learned these languages, but what good is mutltilingualism if I’m not in conversation?


I am so interested in the lifespan(s) of the work we produce. As artists, writers, illustrators, designers, printmakers, bookmakers, creatives. My book – the full title is “witchbody: a rambling & poetic autoethnography of western occult magic as a pathway for environmental learning & advocacy” – was in some ways a meditation on impermanence, on mutual touch that can be felt between us and the bodies we meet. There are so many people and places that I have met who have helped shape me. It’s also an exploration of what it can look like when we try to come together, to learn each others’ ways of being and knowing.

If you can come out to the local launch in Toronto on October 13, I’d love to see you. Dance under the new moon with me. Or, you know – just cuddle up with some blankets and candlelight while we talk of noticing magic, what it can mean to be a witch in the city, possibilities for environmentalism and education, wonky philosophy, and everything in between. Chris Cavanagh and Steve Alsop will be in conversation with me about my book. Ask me a question at the Q&A!

Brief Launch Deets:

October 13, 2015, 8-11pm
Misfit Studio, 761 Queen St West, Toronto, 3rd floor
Books will be available at the event for $25 CAD (cash only!)

Or you can pre-order until Oct 12! $20 CAD + shipping if you’re not local, or if you can’t pick up your copy at the launch event. If you’re interested email me! – for pre-order I am accepting PayPal and bank transfer!

More info & RSVP here:

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